The Quark-gluon plasma (QGP)

The basic idea about the QGP is that at sufficiently high energy or density of hadronic matter, the quarks and gluons become deconfined. Statistical mechanics applied to QCD gives the theoretical support and basic indications to investigate such new state of matter and the phase change that is predicted to take place. I try to … Continue reading The Quark-gluon plasma (QGP)


Colour confinement

The term confinement indicates that coloured free particles do not exist in Nature. Besides valence quarks, a hadron contains a population of more quarks and gluons. From the (b) side of the Figure in the previous post (*) it is possible to infer that the strong interaction between two quarks enhances with the increasing of their … Continue reading Colour confinement

Spontaneous symmetry breaking

One of the most important missing aspects of the SM theory has been for a long the origin of mass of fundamental particles. The Lagrangian of the full Standard Model (*) well-describes the interactions of matter and radiation, but it does not include any mass term for the introduced bosons, while fermion masses are put by hand via … Continue reading Spontaneous symmetry breaking