How to create an alias

open the bashrc file: > your_favorite_text_editor ~/.bashrc & add the alias at the end of the file: > alias alias_name='1st_command; 2nd_command; and_so_on' save the file and close the editor type on the terminal > source ~/.bashrc


Get Latex on Windows

To do this on Linux is too easy and it don't need a guide. get GhostScript, here or here; [this allows you to deal with the PostScript language, needed to produce texts, images and pages] get MiKTeX, here; [you can consider it as your latex packages manager] get a Latex editor. The most common are Lyx, … Continue reading Get Latex on Windows

Evolution of collisions and QGP

Extreme density and temperature allow the transition for the ordinary matter to the deconfined phase, in which quarks and gluons are free from their parent hadrons and they can interact with each other. Such conditions can be reached by ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions. Different phases of evolution of the matter are predicted according to theoretical … Continue reading Evolution of collisions and QGP