Use Telegram on Fedora 20 KDE and probably on other releases

  • Download the installer
  • Unpack the file:

    $ tar xz filename.xz

  • You find two files: Telegram and update. If you type:

    $ ./Telegram

    it works.

  • But we want more!
    •  To make the file executable from everywere:

      $ chmod +x Telegram

      it is like if Telegram was a script without the .sh estension, ok?

    • To automatically start at system startup:
      • Copy the file somewere like /home/user/Script or /usr/bin

        $ cp /home/UserName/Script/Telegram /usr/bin/Telegram

      • Create a symbolic link in the Autostart directory

        $ ln -s /usr/bin/Telegram /home/UserName/.kde/Autostart

It works!

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